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This week we turn your attention to Shadow Hunters-Bite Me! by Jason Dube.

“SHADOW HUNTERS” : Bite Me! Follows the story of the rebellious half vampire who prefers her smokes and cold beer over drinking blood. Between the peer pressure of her clan insisting she feeds, and her enemies who see her defiance as a weakness, she refuses to give up what little is left of her humanity. Even if it means losing everything.

The Creative Team: Written by Jason Dube with Artwork by Noel Serrato & Jason Dube and with Cover Art by Summer Dale

This is a 40-page , self-contained storyline about Jenna continues the journey of the vampire world started in the pages of the “Lylith & Mara” comic book. We expand and explore the rich and dark landscape of the vampire clans, the evolution of their different races and blood that runs through its world. This is also a more “Mature Readers” comic full of blood, gore, partial nudity and vampire violence. A great read for fans of horror and vampires. Includes Art Concepts, and Cover Gallery and Cosplay photo gallery.

There is also a 2nd Chance to get LYLITH & MARA: Sisters of the Dark
With so many requests to get a copy of Lylith & Mara after the campaign ended, we decided to offer a 2nd Chance Edition for this campaign only! If you didn’t get it last time, now’s your chance. With a new variant “Darkness Virgin” cover (All titles and logos removed from cover) featuring Summer Dale’s artwork.

Shadow Hunters is currently funding on Indiegogo with 17 days left, so get it while you can. It has reached a goal of $3,072 out of its original goal of $500.

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